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BodyLove Basics creates size fluid clothing that feels like LOVE on your body.

Women fluctuate between 3 sizes a year-each piece is designed to transition up or down a size to always fit your evolving body.

club rose robe

Introducing... our newly redesigned ribbed robe! It's versatile, breathable, sinfully soft, ALWAYS your size, and feels like LOVE on your BODY!

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cozy toesies

This blanket is the ultimate safe space! You spend enough time out of your comfort zone, it’s time to come home to your security blanket! 

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hot & heavy wrap

Feeling sore? Anxious? In need of stress relief? Hot & Heavy has got your back.. neck and shoulders too!

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smocked swing dress

The smocked stretch top allows for YOUR perfect fit, and features a tiered bottom that is designed to hang perfectly, and never cling.

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body love | ice roller

refresh your skin, relieve your stress, radiate your joy.

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Women want to feel comfortable and supported always, especially when their bodies are going through changes. BodyLove Basics offers size fluid clothing that feels like love ON your body in all those phases.