Women fluctuate between 3 sizes a year-each piece is designed to transition up or down a size to always fit your evolving body.

club rose robe

perfect length, perfect sleeves, perfect pockets... perfect!

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body love | ice roller

refresh your skin, relieve your stress, radiate your joy.

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Women want to feel comfortable and supported always, especially when their bodies are going through changes. Body Love Basics offers size-inclusive clothing that feels like love ON your body in all those phases.

Pocket Perfection

"I can't tell you how much I love my robe! I wear it every single day. The pockets are perfect for your phone and all. the. things. I LOVE this robe!"

— Jenn P.

Unparalled Comfort

"My robe is so comfortable. I love how quick and easy I can throw it on and get started with my day, to be honest, sometimes it's what i'm in ALL DAY!"

— Amie J.

My Favorite Robe

"This robe is SO GOOD! From the softness and weight of the fabric, the tie actually being sewn on, to the sleeve length and robe length, it’s everything you would want in the perfect robe. I seriously live in it! "

— Julie E.