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bodylove | coverall crewneck


Your leggings are about to meet their bestie!

The BodyLove Coverall Crewneck Sweatshirt covers all the things you鈥檇 want an oversized top to! It hangs long, not wide, so no extra bulk is added to your tummy or bummy! 馃槈

Our extra long side slit prevents clinging making this sweatshirt hang flat and fabulously smooth creating the breezy silhouette of your dreams.

Our generously long ribbed cuffs can pull over your hands for the ultimate cozy vibes or scrunch up to style to your liking.

Vintage wash and high contrast trim make this sweatshirt stand out and get better with time. Unlike most sweatshirts that get stiff and loose their comfort when washed, the Coverall Crewneck gets even softer with each cycle.

You can grab your Coverall Crewneck Sweatshirt in Sage, Cream or Cranberry -its available聽in our聽size fluid small-4x.

coverall crewneck

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